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Welcome to the newsletter for the Barony of Thor’s Mountain in the Kingdom of Meridies. Here you will find meeting minutes, officer reports, our regnum, and articles from our members.

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Recipes from Silver Hammer Saturday Breakfast

Did you like the yummy rice pottage, rosewater whipped cream, and pear sauce served at breakfast over Silver Hammer? Well, here are some (downsized) recipes.

Pottage of Ris

4 cups milk
1/3 cup sugar
1 cup rice
1/3 cup slivered almonds
3 Tbsp. butter
1 healthy pinch of saffron

Cook your rice in a rice cooker following standard directions. After it’s done, bring milk to a simmer. Once it begins to reduce add rice, sugar, and saffron. While that is cooking down, saute almonds in butter. When pottage has the consistency of loose oatmeal remove from heat and serve with sauteed almonds.


4 pears (very ripe)
1 cup white grape juice

1/3 cup sugar
4 egg yolks
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. ginger


Peel and dice pears. Put juice on to simmer and add pears. Boil until fork tender. Let cool, blend with stick blender or mash with a potato masher depending on desired consistancy. Add sugar, egg yolks, and spices. Stir. Heat until it thickens. We served it warm at Silver Hammer, but it is also good cold.

For the Snowe, I copied this recipe straight from Medieval Cookery without any alterations. The original recipes for the other dishes also came from that site, but were altered to my preferences as seen above for serving.




A Dozen Awesome Things You Might Have Missed at Silver Hammer (and a bunch of pictures)

If you missed Silver Hammer, you missed out on a weekend of fighting, archery, food, friends, and fun in some of the best weather.

What kind of things…Well:

  • Mistress Catherine took Dancett as her first protege.
  • Lucia del Mar made adorable salt cellar bunnies with the wolf pack kiddos to be used at feast at Holly and Ivy
  • Seamus was presented with the Silver Heart, THEN took a green belt from Mistress Rosamonde, THEN took a red belt from Sir Iastreb. He might’ve had a big night.
  • The very first silver hammer archery challenge was enjoyed by many thanks to the devious mind of Lady Muirenne.
  • Kapitän Tristram Jager von Bon won the Silver Hammer for Rapier, Graf Ulrich von Brandenburg won the Silver Hammer for Heavy, and Tiarna Onórach Ronan MacMorton won the Silver Hammer for Archery
  • Mistress Catherine won Bard of Silver Hammer.
  • Not one, not two, but three of our wolf pack kiddos got Ram’s Horn’s for Children.
  • There was a brewing competition and Lady Etain ingen Ui Chonchobhair won both the judged and popular vote.
  • Mistress Marthe Elsbeth of Oak Hill took Bjorn Thorfellson as an apprentice.
  • Mistress Elizabet Mackenzie de Ross took on Caoilfionn as a protege.
  • A yummy Scottish feast was presented by THL Amya von Dornberg and THL Marianna Cristina Tirado de Aragon.
  • There was a memorial for our lost including Lady Gregoria at the bonfire.

Want more info? Check out the court report here!



October 2017 Meeting Minutes

Senechal – Silver Hammer is fast approaching.


Baroness – No report


Miklos – Taking reservations for Silver Hammer.


Reeve – In the bank we have 20538.17. Without cleared checks we have 20147.42.


Chatelaine – Couple contacts from people. Janie is reaching back out to them. Janie has committed us to 100 newcomer’s badges. They’ll be distributed to newcomers and then those people will pass them on to more newcomers when they are no longer newcomers.


Demo report – Went to Clayton Bradley academy. Rorik, Ash, Magpie, Alecia, Osric, Muirenne, and Lucy children.


Archery – No report.


A and S – Trying to move to electronic system. You don’t need to fill out paper form if you did that. There will be an A and S and armory night on October 11th.


Dance – No report


Provost – No report


Herald – They had a decision meeting and he was able to talk about getting things passed. He’s working on a banner for Silver Hammer.


Chronicler – Warrant in. Article about SH feast


Mistress of Children: Asking for a deputy. Must have one in the next year.


Inventory was done on trailer.


WebMistress – If you have awards that aren’t on the website, please tell Emmy.


Social Media – Remember that there are more people than just us in the discussion group. Be mindful of how you talk to and about to each other there.


Silver Hammer – Everything is going swimmingly. All volunteer positions needed are filled. No huge needs at the moment other than Saturday troll volunteers.


Will do another troll class before BG. There will be a blueberry scone and a brewing competition at Silver Hammer. There will be a judged and a populace choice. Winners will receive brewing supplies.


Let Nest know if you need volunteers for things so she can promo that with the volunteer box.


Canton is doing traveler’s fare. There will be a children’s A and S program at Silver Hammer.


Holly and Ivy – Catherine is event steward. Facility is already reserved. Feast is being worked upon.


RUM Cram day is in the works.


Black Gryphon – Misty, Seamus, and Richard are event crat. Klara and Liz are cooking feast. Castellana is reservationist. Provost is Liz? Osric is hall steward, Magpie will shadow.him.


Canton – Demo this weekend at Heritagefest. If you have to bring things, be on site by 9 am. Possible demo at the library next summer.


Calendar: Look here:

So, You’re Thinking About Attending Silver Hammer Post 1 – The Food

One of the barony’s biggest events is only six weeks away. As kind of a celebration of this event (and a lure to pull all you lovely people in), we’re going to run a short series of articles here on the Whetstone leading up to the event. Today, we’re going to talk about all the yummy food our kitchen stewards are preparing for us this time.

THL Amya von Dornberg and THL Marianna Cristina Tirado de Aragon are preparing a delectable three course feast for your consumption. That’s right folks for less than ten dollars, you can trudge off site and get a burger and fries or you can stay on site and have all of this with a 100 of your new best friends.

In the first course, we have a rich and delectable poachers rabbit soup that you can sop up with thick slices of beer bread. Alternatively, you could spread that bread with fresh honey butter. Not a fan of rabbit? This course also comes with eggs covered in a delicious cheese sauce and an apple brumble crumble to meet your sweet tooth.

That sounds good and all, but then comes the second remove which starts off with a mustard lamb served with a turnip parry, turnip greens with bacon and a fruit compote with Celtic sabayon. What’s a parry you ask? And what’s this sabayon stuff? Well, the turnip parry is a rich turnip based stew and the sabayon that is over the fruit compote is a creamy custard with an egg yolk base.

If you aren’t full yet, there’s still more. We couldn’t have a Scottish feast without serving a side of corned beef. That, of course, needs a side of cabbage and carrots. Our wonderful feast steward are also whipping up a dish of lentils with vegetables with this course and topping it off with a selection of cheese scones and honey cakes.

So, remember to get your reservations in early so you can sample all of this instead of ending your event day with a fast food burger.  Be sure to back your feast gear, tablecloths, candles, and lamps and join us for this feast that is sure to tantalize your taste buds.


September 2017 Business Meeting

Baroness Report: Nothing

Senechal: Heard from Crown about vote of confidence. There is more paperwork ensuing. Crown wants to see copies of baronial policy.

Reeve: a) In the bank, 20844 dollars at the moment. After uncashed checks we have 20757.

  1. b) Meridies has been approved to use paypal to take event fees. Shannon is attending class at crossroads on using paypal at events at Crossroads. Might be ready by Black Gryphon

c)There will be a class on reservationist/troll on Sept 19 at 7 PM. Nest is going to be Shannon’s deputy.

Chatelaine: Nothing.

Consul: a) Clayton Bradley School demo is at 10 am on Sept 14th.

b)Had a demo at UT and was swamped with people.

Knight Marshall: a) Regular practices happening. Two people authorized last month, Ragnarr and Damian. Had a new person show up this week who used to play in Trimaris.

b)Tristram has nothing new to report.

  1. c) Archery: Caelen has agreed to be deputy.

d)We had equestrian practice last month, but there won’t be one in October because of scheduling. Serena can offer lessons to anyone interested in authorizing equestrian. There will be equestrian events at Castle Wars.

Meeting space will be at the vet school for October and November.

Provost: Berengaria and Castellana have agreed to be deputies.

Herald: a) Heraldic report will be in soon.

  1. b) Five submissions this month and most are looking good.
  2. c) Heraldic banner is coming along nicely.

d)With the recent issues in Charlottesville, just be aware that there have been white supremacists using thor’s hammers. If approached, please just explain that that’s not us.

  1. e) Caelen proposes a new populace badge once the banner is done. As the new badge doesn’t really mesh with the baronial colors.  
  2. f) Discussion of registering award badges. We should probably at least register the orders.


Chronicler: Please send me stuff. Meeting notes are on the blog.

Minister of the Children: No report.

Trailer Inventory: This will be 9-12 on 9/17.

Web Minister: No Report

Media: Everything is good.


Heritage Festival in Canton on October 7th in Wilson Park in Maynardville. Starts around 10 and ends around 4. We need to know when fighters who want to come will arrive.

Silver Hammer

Request for pottycrat at Silver Hammer. Jayne volunteered.

Blueberry scone challenge at Silver Hammer from the baroness. Tavern and traveler’s fare on Friday night.

There wlll also be a silver hammer archery tournament as well as the traditional heavy and rapier tournaments. Also children’s archery tournament.

The menu for feast has already been posted

Postmort tentatively scheduled for the 26th, backup date of 28th set up.

Holly and Ivy

Site has been reserved. Lucia and Hruse are doing a new world feast. Provost would like to make it a RUM cram day. Liz will be looking for teachers. Please email Liz with class offers.

Black Gryphon

Nothing as of yet.

40 Year

Guillaume will be in charge of our sponsored shoot at 40 year. Volunteers for prize making would be helpful. Carol is on the history committee for 40 year and they are looking for early pictures.


As there are two popular events in January we should schedule Curia soon. Jan 6 and Jan 27 under discussion.


Liz wants to hold one at her place on September 13th.


See baronial calendar here:

August Business Meeting Notes

Baroness – If someone can get hold of someone at Pensic, we need more Silver Hearts.


Senechal – Should know something on vote of confidence sometime after Pensic.


Reeve – In the bank, at the moment is 20994, we’re at 20757 after uncashed checks. Please remember to use the tax free cards when purchasing things for upcoming events. How to do Troll and Reservationist class on September 19th at 7 PM at Miklos’ House


Chatelaine – Has business cards for anyone who needs them.


Consul – Request for demon on Sept. 14th at 10 am at Clayton Bradley Academy. April will be registering for student engagement fair. It is August 25th from 7-9:30 on the pedestrian walkway on main campus.


Knight Marshall/Rapier Marshall – Busy! We currently have five new heavy fighters and one new rapier fighter. People are coming out even in the heat. There will be an armor workshop at Joe and April’s tomorrow. There should be a monthly armor workshop for the forseeable future so people can get their kits together.


Live Weapons/Archery – Archery field has been mowed. 2nd Sunday archery practice this month (8/13).


Equestrian – This Saturday from 10-3 there will be a Mounted Archery Clinic. If you want to participate fully it’s $ 10. There is space for those who want to have a fighter practice and/or archery as well. Please wear long pants and closed toed shoes.


A and S – People have been doing A and S. Tomorrow’s Armoring night is also an A & S night. There are things for casting, leatherworking, calligraphy, etc. Hoping to make this a monthly thing, but would like to incorporate classes as we go (garb making, etc…) Let April know if there’s something you want to learn. April has learned new dances while in South Downs and is looking forward to dance classes soon.


Provost – RUM was good. If you have taken classes, your RUM provost is happy to help you towards your RUM degree. Endeavoring to get several people through their Scholars degrees. Looking to have quarterly RUM cram days. Will be looking for teachers. Needs data entry help.


Herald – Herald’s report will be in this week. We’ve had a couple new submissions. Caelan will have the standard made by Silver Hammer. We need to vote on mottoes. He has three for us to vote on:

  1. We Will Feed You Into Submission. ~  Pascemus vos usque submiseritis.
  2. The Mountain Stands/Endures/Persists ~ Mons Obdurat
  3. Excellence lives in the Mountain Everlasting ~ Excellentia vivit in Monte Aeterno

Discussion: Baroness suggests adding “and conquers”. Miklos suggests “The mountain stands victorious.”


Muirenne motions to tentatively accept “The Mountain Stands Victorious” and have Caelen submit to Facebook group for a yes/no vote. Possibly translating into Norse rather than Latin.


Chronicler – Thanks to Berengaria for taking notes from last Month. If anyone has notes from June that’d be great. If officers, could post their reports please. Anyone who can share articles/content would be great.


Ailionora (via Muirenne) Asking about page school for barony. Will be trained once can get to Kingdom event.


Trailer Organizing/Inventory – September 17th. 9-12. 2641 Highway 61 W

Andersonville, TN 37705


UT Student Group -Student Engagement Fair Aug 25th from 7-9:30. Parking behind clarence brown if you get there early. Bring your stuff and meet people. Planning on challenging fencers and kendo club to a fight-off.


Webmistress – Just got Silver Hammer Page up. Facebook event can go up now.


Media – Nada.


Further business – Live weapons is looking for a deputy, so is Chatelaine and provost. Janie is trying to get to email, she is trying to get back in


Calendar: Find it here:

Liz is thinking about adding a bead class in August.

July 2017 Exchequer’s Report

  • As of 6/30/17, our ledger balance is $20,907.00.
  • All reporting has been completed on time.
  • If you have a check from the Barony that you have not deposited or cashed, please do so ASAP.

May Faire 2017

July 2017 Meeting Minutes

Thanks to Rachel for taking minutes this go ’round.

Business Meeting 7/11/17 at 7pm

Baroness:  Sponsoring an A & S Contest at Silver Hammer for Blueberry scones–prizes, and give her the recipe.

Seneschal:  Feedback from Kingdom Seneschal on vote of confidence.  Hopefully hear before next business meeting.  Want to start giving a deputy Seneschal (Miklos) chance to address the populace.  Congrats to Shannon and Zachary Carey on their GOA and Meghan (AOA) at the Scribal Symposium.  Would anyone be able to help with fundraiser lunch at Tourney of the Foxes, please let them know ASAP!  Quartermasters are Brian, Jesse, and Zach for the barony.  Would anybody be interested in helping to do bi-annual inventory?  Will contact Brian to see if he still wants to be Quartermaster or if interested in finding someone to take over.  Please ask closer to September to check on schedules/availability for inventory before Silver Hammer.


Reeve:  Bank $21,343.32, ledger $20,907, if you have a check from the Barony and haven’t cashed, please cash the check.  Shire of Nant-y-Derwyddon asked us to provide food, we set aside $600 to cover food.  There was such a turnout at the event, they didn’t need our donation, but we sent $300 anyway.  Great job at event!


Chatelaine:  5 folks transferred in, Jayne getting in contact with members who have indicated interest.  


Demos:  Clayton Bradley Academy asked for demo in September at some point.  No exact date given as of yet.  


Knight Marshall Report:  

Heavy-Practices are going well.  Lots of new people turning out–6 new for armored alone.  Loaner gear has become scarce.  Please bring back any and all loaner gear for newcomers.  Senior fighters need to come help with new heavy fighters.  Zach to send Jayne names of newcomers at practices.  Do you know someone who has old fighter gear they no longer need?  We need donations!  Rehab on existing equipment happening.  


Rapier- gear wise, we’re fine.  


Archery- Shannon is archery Marshall for Silver Hammer, need one for Thor’s Mountain.


Equestrian- Lacey is holding a mounted archery clinic, horses, archery equipment available.  Will be around $10.  August 5, starting at 10am-3pm.  Discussion about getting a regular port-a-potty for equestrian practices.  Contact Lacey if you’d like to go on a riding trip-Fort Valley practice- with her September 16 (taking the place of Sept. equestrian practice).


A & S- no items for report.  Looking for May A & S report.


Dance Mistress- no items for report.


Provost-  RUM is this weekend, come take classes.  Make note of what was taken, and let Liz know.  Record classes we took at RUM, report to Liz.  Working on a Google Form to record.


Herald:  Two submissions this month.  Preparing to order supplies to paint the banner.  Will present us with 3 different mottos to vote on at a business meeting.  If anyone wants to help paint, they can, let Herald know.  Will be 18-19ft.  Evaluating poles to fly banner from.


Chronicler:  If officers could start making a monthly report of some sort, please contact Meg and she will tell you how to add on to monthly newsletter.


Mistress of Children:  Needs to request a deputy Minister of Children.  Would parents in barony be interested in starting a monthly youth group meeting?  Baroness added that there was a Page’s school at one time, would be nice to begin again.


Web Minister:  No significant updates to website, please report any errors to web minister.


Media Mistress:  Running smoothly.


Further business:  Nest handed out gifts/prizes to people who helped at our last event.  Nest would like someone to take over giving prizes at Silver Hammer to helpers if she is not present for the event.  Ballista/trebuchet–some members interested in building one, asking if it needs to be a baronial thing.  Someone commented that most large projects like that are owned/stored by households.  Members say there are plans for transportable siege engines.  Seneschal suggested a list of supplies/estimates to present at September business meeting.  


Silver Hammer:  no report, everything going smoothly.  Feast will be Scottish theme.  Reservations/troll is Miklos, lining up marshals for all events.  Osric is Autocrat.  


Holly/Ivy:  Kelly volunteered to be Autocrat, feast by Jason/Lisa.


Black Gryphon:  Misty and Seamus are autocratting.




Calendar:  Miklos checking Barony calendar for correct dates.  All correct.  Business meeting August 1st at Brehm Animal Sciences building.


Archery practices:  Practice field has been marshy, so hasn’t been held.  Talk about having archery at Lacey’s or possibly getting permission to do practice at Big Ridge.


Meeting adjourned at 8:17pm

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