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Where in the Kingdom Are Their Excellencies?

Want to know where to find their Excellencies? Well, look no further; they’ve created this nifty baronial progress spreadsheet.

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Welcome to the newsletter for the Barony of Thor’s Mountain in the Kingdom of Meridies. Here you will find meeting minutes, officer reports, our regnum, and articles from our members.

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Moretum – AKA “That Garlic Stuff” or “That Green Stuff”

We were recently asked to provide the recipe for the Moretum that was served at Black Gryphon’s feast this year. Which made me remember (several months late) that several people had asked for that recipe. Moretum is a Roman recipe and was even mentioned by the poet Virgil (see his poem here.) So, here is the recipe we used…this will make a spread for approximately eight people.


My Version:

1/4 c. minced garlic

1/4 tsp. salt

1/2 bundle of cilantro

1/2 tbs celery leaves

1/2 tbs flat parsley

1 tb white wine vinegar

1 tb olive oil

1/4 lb Romano cheese

  1. Grind garlic with salt in blender or food processor.
  2. When pureed, add greens and olive oil and grind.
  3. When pureed, add remaining ingredients.
  4. Taste and add more salt only if needed.
  5. Form into a ball and chill overnight.

Thor’s Mountain Baronial Investiture Ceremony 5/12/18

Thanks to Master Alexander of Ravenscroft for allowing us to post this where all can enjoy.

Investiture for the Barony of Thor’s Mountain

(Lights come on) Odin enters, flanked by Frigg (on his right) and and Freyja (on his left)


“I am Odin All-Father, Chief of Aesir, and King of Asgard. King and Queen of Meridies, with respect, I wish to discuss a matter.”


“Approach, our alliance is long, and we welcome you.”

<Odin, Frigg, and Freyja approach stopping before the thrones. (They do not bow, but may incline heads.)>


“In the ancients depths of time, a bargain was struck between our kingdoms. For generations it has endured.”


“In sign of this, Odin allowed the name of his son to be attached to the lands around here. For all of the kingdom, blessings of rain, wisdom, and strong warriors have been given.”


“Many times have I been to Yggdrasil since the friendship has been forged. Now I have a need that you can fulfill, thus in the name of this ancient friendship I ask it of you.”


“Many battles have been fought since our two people first grasped hands in friendship, and we of Meridies would not be found lacking. Speak, what do you wish of your friends?”


“A great prize. We would ask for Godelind of Windemere, that she may take a seat in council with us. Let her tread with us across the Bifrost, and be as she has earned, among the Aesir.”


“Great indeed, for Godelind forms the bulwark of our northeastern lands. Though we may have watchtowers, none are as strong as the loyalty she commands. However, Meridies will never be found ungrateful, nor will it ever be whispered she abandons her friends. One impediment could be her will. Baroness Godelind, will you take your place in Asgard?”


“I will, Your Majesty.”


“Give us leave but to wish her well, and we shall release her from our service to yours.”


“So shall it be.”

Crown or Herald

“Come forth all who would speak to Mistress Godelind of Windemere at this time.”


“Mistress Godelind of Windemere, long have you been the Iron Fist of the North. Were we release you now, we know you will forever watch over these lands, and that the songs sung of you will braven the hearts of the bold, make nimble the fingers of the artisans, and inspire those who serve. You have tempered the metal of this land and its people more than any fire. Bards shall speak of you to the end of days.”



“Let mead be brought. ”¹

<Crown, Godelind, and Aesir drink>

Freyja (or Odin)

The Vanir sought redress.

The Gods sat in council.

What gifts could they bestow?

Godhood. Nothing less.

Godelind (or Frigg)

He gave me rings and necklaces, ²

In return for prophesy

So I saw into all worlds

And described my vision:

Crops will grow unseeded;
Ills healed, Baldr returns
To live at Valhalla,
Shrine to the slaughter-Gods.
Vili will cast the blooded runes
And the sons of brothers,
Baldr and Hod,
Will live with the Wind.
I see a sun-bright hall,
Gold-thatched at Gimle,
Where the Gods will pass
Their days in pleasure.³


“Thor’s Mountain is important to us, and this kingdom. It is more than the mountains that act as a strong wall, here on the borders. It is the great strength and loyalty of the people here. I would hear the words you have for us as we consider who we should place in the baronial seat, and watch our borders and nurture our subjects here.”

Crown (if both wish to speak)

“We will thus put aside all other business and declare a Thing at this time and in this place.”⁴


“Thor’s Mountain is indeed strong, and will forever be loyal to the Crown. All here spend their sweat and blood to the glory of Meridies. Much of legend resides here, and as time moves on, more shall come from these mountains as the cold, clear water in the spring thaw.”


“True, Thor’s Mountain has wisdom and will maintain it’s guard here, in the highest mountains of Meridies. I and my wife step forward to take on what duties are placed with us. As the people support us, we support them. As those who dwell in their lands as bandes, we shall make udal-holders .”⁵


“Well spoken. We will hear the acclamation of those here in the Thing. Shall William and
Catherine sit in the seats here, and rule in our name?”

Crown (if two speak)

“Yes, tell us now.”



“So it shall be. William and Catherine, approach.”


“Drink with us, and be created Baron and Baroness of Thor’s Mountain. ”⁸

William and/or Catherine

Mailed monarch, god of battle,

Maketh the tinkling circlet

Hang,  his own arm forsaking,

On hawk-trod wrist of mine.

I bear on arm brand-wielding

Bracelet of red gold gladly.

War-falcon’s feeder meetly

Findeth such meed of praise.⁹

Crown or Herald

“This Thing is ended. The Baron and Baroness are invited to open their court.”

Baronial Herald

“The first court of William and Catherine, Baron and Baroness of Thor’s Mountain is opened.”

William and Catherine
(Any opening remarks)

Baronial Herald

“Summoned forward are the theign’s of Thor’s Mountain.”


“Mistress Godelind’s wisdom is so legendary, that Odin himself has invited her to Asgard that the very gods may hear her advice. We follow the same path. She took you as theigns, we ask you to continue.”


“Drink with us, as we salute you. You are the arms of Thor’s Mountain, and hold the strength we show the kingdom and the world.”

¹ Olexova, Katerina “Ritual in Beowulf” Masaryk University in Brno (Czech Republic), 2007
²“Her” if spoken by Frigg

³ (exerpts)
(Hakon chosen king)

(Hakon chosen king)
⁷ ​Chapter 55
⁸Olexova, Katerina “Ritual in Beowulf” Masaryk University in Brno (Czech Republic), 2007
⁹ ​Chapter 55

¹⁰ Olexova, Katerina “Ritual in Beowulf” Masaryk University in Brno (Czech Republic), 2007

May Business Meeting Minutes

Pending coronets: Putting together a team (or teams)  for Giant’s Dance. Hoping that everyone will come out. Thank you to everyone who’s been so supportive of the upcoming investiture.


Senechal: Report going in this week. If there’s anything I need for that let me know. Gellis’ last meeting as seneschal is June. Miklos will be taking over from there.


Reeve: We’re passing the hat for the royal luncheon as we’re not allowed to pay for royal luncheons out of baronial funds. We have 16766.16 in the bank account right now. We have to turn a profit on events. We can not spend money like water. Baronial funds are not people’s personal playground. Shannon will be teaching a budgeting for events class at some point this summer.


Our trailer is brand new and already overloaded. Society rules say that we have to operate our equipment within the given rules. It does need to have a weeding day after May Tourney Investiture. No more stuff goes into the trailer!


Chatelaine: We’re doing a newcomers lunch at May Tourney from 12-1. They should all have a newcomer’s badge on them. They can also get belt tokens at troll. We’re all going to be nice to people wearing them. Smile and ask them if they need help or directions or anything. We do *not* criticize any attempts at garb. We almost lost two newcomer’s over criticism like this. There will also be a newcomer’s meet and greet at the event.  


Consul:: Rossini was against two events this year, so the crew was a little thin, but we did well. The partnership with MARCO/Bearden demo is not working out and may not go forward in the future. They have offered to give us more of a hand in doing things in an effort to keep that going. Osric is going to the planning meetings this fall. They would like to get the drama club and Latin club involved and having us work with those groups.


Marshallate: Sunday and Wednesday are practices. Foot traffic has been high recently. Please come by to participate and talk to people. July 29th is a 5th Sunday…so that will be a combat archery demonstration.


Archery: Having practices. Rotating among three sites. This weeks will be at Andersonville


Equestrian. There will be a combined practice on the 20th from 10-4 at Lacey’s farm. There will be a potluck lunch. Future practices to be announced.


Dance & A & S – Report your monthly projects on the google form please. The next series of classes for arts and sciences nights will be for the RUM scholar’s degree track. The next one will be Protocol and Precdence with Muirenne on May 15th. Locations will vary, but will be posted in all the normal places. Still looking for instructors for those courses. There is a sign up sheet on FB. We’re aiming to teach two classes per A & S night. They are generally 1 hour classes. There is a list of all required classes. Mistress Roz and Master William are going to teach History of Meridies class at some point.


Student Group – Notified of a recruitment opportunity on Monday. For summer orientations. We have to commit to attend 10 out of 13 orientations. They last all day on a weekday (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) starting late May.


Gift Baskets: Gift basket put together party at Friday night of the event. There are six total baskets.


If anyone has done scrolls, please bring them to the event.


Herald: Wolfgang got a badge passed. Heraldry planning for MT/Investiture seems to be going fine. If you like yelling loudly at people come see Caelen.


Chronicler: I have a deputy. Thank you Mao! Updates are being made to blog.


MOC: Has a sort of deputy, but needs someone who would be willing to replace her in the next year. Current, deputy is not in that position. If you have a child of appropriate age, please contact MOC for registering for page school.


May Tourney: Things are going well. The staff is working hard. Feastcrats are doing fine. Thank you everyone for your generosity for the royal luncheon. Any part of the live weapons field and the ranger’s house front yard. A designated person to help create actual parking lots would be helpful. Guillame has volunteered to be parking wrangler. Make sure you only park single file along the roads so the park is still accessible. Screen and mattress replacement is under way at the park. There will be vendors. There is the possibility of a blacksmithing demonstration as well. Mistress Liz is heading up the tokens. There are ceramic medallions being made with the help of many. Earliest the trailer can be there is 4:30.


Silver Hammer: Caelen is autocratting. He is searching for feastcrats. If you’re interested in any other staff positions contact Caelen. He’ll be making a bigger push after MT.


Holly and Ivy – Catherine can autocrat. Feastcrat search on-going. Seamus and Sarah volunteered to feastcrat if it’s not 12/15


Farspeaker: Marthe is transporting to Susan.


MoC needs two unrelated volunteers in the tent at MT.


WebMistress: There are new baronial email accounts going out for officers. We’re doing this through Google for Non-profits. Everyone has been contacted to set up your email. There are security safeguards set up. John Farmer has been hosting and paying for our domain for two decades. He would like to step down from that. It makes sense for us to take over our own domain. Anya is also working on a submission form for baronial awards. It will be live soon. The new baronial coronet email address is Use it!


The kingdom is getting a kingdom social media officer. However, now if our name is on it…it is official. This includes the discussion list…so be nice.


Calendar: See calendar here.


Literally Years of Joelisms

Joelisms from Gulf Wars 2018 and other times

Oh, No.  Two drunk women in the kitchen.   – Marta Bon

You can’t sing harmony because your mouth is full.   – Marta Bon

That’s not even the worst thing I’ve asked people to do.   – Mahdavi

I kept feeding her alcohol.  – Mahdavi

They were playing finger puppets with the baby octopi.   – Mahdavi

You’ve never seen anything less appealing than Venison Slushie.   – Will

Those aren’t potatoes.  Potatoes aren’t period.  – Gareth

Beignets are a little slice of fat heaven.   – Catherine

And then the strippers came out.  That’s your story. – Will

You will lose your freaking mind if you are some place where they sacrifice goats and won’t let you eat them.   – Osric

I’ve just spent two weeks at a vegan, pagen, hippie commune – against my will.  – Osric

You don’t want to be going into a brothel with only $0.85.   – Will

If I leave with $14, I will live.   – Osric

I won’t know it ‘til everybody dies.   – Thorkatla

I care because you didn’t come with a warranty.   – Will

I flail, jump, and kick.   – Talia

You are the only ticklish person I’ve ever see to move your arm when I try to poke you.  – Will

I drink with utility but not dignity.   – Will

We’ll call it medieval backwater French.   – Guilliame

Look, Megan’s a Shriner.

Shenanigating = service.   – Catherine? Guilliame?

Shocked, Stunned, and Appalled.   – Guilliame

Was this your idea?   – Alanon

  • No, this is being done to me by my friends.   – Will

What have the archers been doing?   – Gellis

They let mine die a slow and painful death.   – Gellis

You’re our new bagettelle.   – Catherine

You should see the live steel society in Europe.  They don’t kill too many people. – Will

Ohhhhh, are there going to be shenanigans?

That’s the basket of doom…  with the shuttlecraft. – Catherine

She’s not here, so we can call her anything.   – Matt

Words are hard.   – Castellana

My cup is about to be defective.   – Rorik

And everyone knocks beer bottles over.

You know…  it’s cold on my deck.   – Roz

If horses lay down, they are not dead.   – Serena

And all the team got drunk and knocked up.   – Serena

No. Paper. Work.   – Alicia

And we’re shocked, stunned, and totally amazed.   – Guilliame

I will tie you up and put you in the tent for the rest of the night.   – Alicia

Get your phone.  We’re causing shenanigans tonight.   – Alicia

Order of Cygnet’s Nest vs. the Pelicans.

I remember something called the Penetrator at Osprey.   – Rorik

Two Laurels enter, one Laurel leaves.  It’s the Laurel Dome! – Wm. Brewer

Baby’s first escort.    – Wu

I have no idea what happened.   – Nigel

Always humble.  – Caelin

It’s so much fun to have this many kids…  We’re about to have one fewer.

Label of Shenanigans!!

Down the yellow brick road.   – Liz

Ill done to him…  I’d threaten you but he’s got Roz.

She doesn’t like to get wet with her clothes on.   – Jyne

How many coins do you have?  – Osric

A bunch.  God comes to me to borrow money.   – Goldmund

It was a great tournament.  We blew up things.

Well, I was closer than most heralds.  – Ronan

Called forward, Roz, the great and mighty, may all tremble.   – Roz

I got reporting to do people.   – Caelin Now you’re a real herald.  

Whatever batteries are in this, I’m going to burn the hell out of it.   – Marta Bon

You’ve had a fantastic day, you just don’t know it.   – Griffon

Your Excellency, I think I’ve been shafted.  (winner of shoot off).

No wonder we can’t have nice things.   – Iazzy

I’ve been talking.  I’m tired of it. – Ronan

From Gulf Wars 2018 (couldn’t write fast enough to get all the attributions):

Paul is the master of the sucky thing.   – Jodi

Give me a moment because I have to scatter some malice.   Muirenn

There’s no room in the budget for shit.   Shannon

I’m gonna use my Laurel or whatever.  – Marthe Elsbeth

That’s your site token.   – Murienn.

The ninja accountant and the disgraced paladin just hopped into bed together.  – Erin

You need help with your erection.   – Shannon

That was the year of angry sex.   – Al

Man dies by placenta bite!   – Titus

You two need to arm wrestle for who gets to talk first.   Muirenn

I will eat your face.   – Catherine

I will amputate your face with my teeth.   – Catherine

He said, ‘stiff’.  – Catherine

She’s on her own highway.  – Al

The alligator mouth over ran the hummingbird brain.   – Al

You have free fingers.

Don’t make me laugh too hard.  I’ll pee.

That’s not a woman.  That’s your mom. – Catherine

Voices are going all over this tent.

Don’t make me give you the hind lick maneuver.

Now we’re acting like frienemies.

Good Lord, she’s mouthy.

Reasons why my toddler is crying:  his kilt fell off.

Ah, muffin.

You’re still my ballerina Barbie.

Oh, don’t you ‘ah, muffin’ me!

Let’s play ‘who’s never gonna be a peer’.

I don’t like dates.

Do we get an inflatable hot tub?

Where did the ‘Pelican Crossing’ sign come from?

From the Pelicans!

Those cats are hungry.  They’ll eat.

Karma (and her handmaidens) will get them.

Everybody take an insulan shot.

It’s Apple Pee.

To have a shower, here in this camp, has been a life changing experience.

I need to clean mine out.

And I’ll get the earrings out of mine.

… and asked her if I needed to hold her hair.

He does not need a purple fleece pullover.

I’m Thor’s Mountain beer dude twice…

Balls and slopes, balls and slopes.   Osric

…  and we’re 12 again.

Don’t make Marthe get out her site token.

Swirly in the portopotty.

Tuesday is when they post all the penises in heraldry.

Did you wash the nasty bits?

No poking in the eye.

This is the best camp ever.  I love my friends!

Your wife’s peer’s wife needs spanking.

How to boil water without burning it.

Here we are, drinking mead, while I sew up the crotch of my pants.   – Erin

Master Alexander is not on the spanking list!    – Master Alexander

I’m a doctor!  I have terrible handwriting.  – Etain

This is why I do the talking.   Muirenn

Honey, I love it when you make that noise.

Brains are very sexy.   – Arwen

Cause you were talking dirty math stuff.  – Master William

A naked baby is why they invented the hold.   Murienn

Ok, enough about the talk of rules.  Back to the naked baby. – Nigel

That’s my son.  Osric

Suck it, cupcake, I have a lot of memories.

Stuff does happen on tables sometimes.

Would you like to burn the gunk off of this?

Singing in the key of army.

Berserker Panda!

Come on, Kate.  Heel.

It’s a moving experience  [followed by many puns]

My fly is sagging.

We’re all drinking from the firehose.  

Do we have to pee on you?

The Feast Song?  It’s been sung at least twice at this camp.

We’re girls.  Sorry.

Who else is picturing a road runner…

April Meeting Minutes

Reeve: We have a new trailer!  We need to replenish the trailer fund at Curia (in lieu of buying insurance).  The trailer moving and restocking is Sunday, April 8, starting at 10:00 am.  A popup or 2 would be really appreciated. Fergus is in charge, with Gellis as backup.  Nest will be taking over as Reeve as soon as the warrant is approved; Shannon will be her Deputy.

Chatelaine:  the Rossini Festival is coming up April 14.  We have business cards, may need pamplets.  Jayne may need money for copying, she will ask Shannon if she needs it.

Anything that happens at an event comes out of the event money.

Consul:  announcement for Rossini.  The booth is in the same place, parking in vaguely the same place.  He will put a Word document to upload on the FB page for printing out the parking passes.  The demo at Cedar Bluff was great, did the tangle bransle, the fighters did their thing; they are looking forward to us coming back.

Knight Marshall:  there will be equestrian practice April 21, 10 am to 3 pm, classes on safety, etc.  On May 20, there will be an all day workshop, classes, potluck, fighter practice, mounted archery.  Heavy fighters: the weather is improving, FP should pick up.  April 18 will be at the amphitheatre outside the Library at UT (next to Humanities bldg.)

Archery:  Lady Muirenn is Marshall now, Caelen is Deputy. Practice will be rotating between 3 sites.

Weaponsmaster:  Ronan, as Secretary, suggested that we present something to the Kingdom to designate the different levels of skill that one can achieve.

A&S:  please fill out the form online.  You can edit earlier reports (see Rose for details).  The Sponsored Artison Tourney: please enter your name on FB site, fighters will contact you to sponsor you.

Student Group:  no report

Herald:  no major news, working on investiture.  Master Alexander is writing the ceremony.

Farspeaker:  Beta version is going around for edits, additions, comments

Chronicler is home taking care of the sick.

Minister of Children:  kids need to register with the Kingdom for Page School, there should be a posting on the FB site.  THe first page school class in Thor’s Mountain will be at May Tourney. Ronan has applied to be the emergency deputy.

Trailer (Osric):  it has been purchased, work day Sunday.

Webminister:  nothing of note.  if you see something missing or incorrect on the web site, tell Emilee.  Need updates on lots of stuff.

Social Media:  Be nice to each other online.  Give her updates for MT.

May Tourney/Investiture.

Autocrat:  Roz & Jodi (not here); Cooks:  Bryan and Nest (site visit April 14 to check the kitchen;  Troll: Annya; Field Steward:  Kahlil, Mandan; Rapier:  Tristram;  Knight Marshall: Kahlil, Mandin;  Herald:  Caelen, Wu, (Alexander), Hank (always looking for field heralds);  Hall Steward:  Eleanor of Ashley (going a pace); Royal Lunch:  Carol;  [request for banners]; Archery: Miklos, thrown weapons, Fergus; Volunteer Coordinator (for Volunteer largess drawing): Nest; Royal Liaison:  Marthe Elsbeth; Site Cleanup:  Everyone; Hydration Station:  Atheria; Merchantcrat:  Matt (working on a form); Gift Baskets:  see Liz;

Master Alexander is working on the ceremony to celebrate Mistress Godelind’s 40th Jubilee and the Investiture.

Nick asked about money for the drive to Florida to get the hogs; he was referred to Mistress Rosemounde or the feastcrats.

Silver Hammer 2018:  Autocrat is Caelen, co is Carol.  No Feastcrat yet.

Black Gryphon 2019:  Autocrats:  Richard and Annya

Calendar:  PTWGC – TBD

April 21 and May 18: What not at Liz and Richard’s

May 1 – Biz Meet

At Kingdom A&S/Crown List, there will be a baronial pavilion on the field for all Thor’s Mountaineers to gather under, potluck munchies and much camaraderie.

Giant’s Dance (Piney Flats): much of the same thing, with a baronial camping area included.

Meeting adjourned to let the gentlemen consult on the Daughter’s of Aduin.

A Missive of Thanks to Thor’s Mountain

A Missive of Thanks to Thor’s Mountain
by Ursula Mortimer

Make merry, friends, and rest you from your labor—
I call you friends, though newly met we be,
For Midrealm is Meridies’ good neighbor.
A moment, I beg, lend your ears to me.

From distant North, my master I did follow
O’er many rivers, through each wooded reach
To Thor’s Mountain, the haunt of hawk and swallow,
Where gladly I would learn, and gladly teach.

What marvels here appeared before my eyes
When first I ventured to these learned hills!
A populace so rich in scholars wise
And gifted artisans of many skills.

From heart warmed by your cordiality,
I thank you for your hospitality.


Thank you to our kind guest, Ursula Mortimer, for permission to post her poem here.

Baronial Candidates – Mistress Eleanor of Ashley and Master Oleathainn MacLaomuinn


I was a long-standing costume designer, preparing to attend a Halloween party with a theme of “Come as your favorite character from a play or movie.” As I had recently been spending a great deal of time researching historical costume, I thought coming as a Shakespearean character would be fun; perhaps Juliet’s mother. So, throwing together an Italian renaissance gown, off I trotted. However, I was accosted in the kitchen of this apartment by a rather drunken monk, who threw himself down on his knees in front of me, grabbed me around the waist, and cried, “I love you, I love you!”

Thus I discovered the SCA.

This combination of whimsy and educational thrill has remained with me all my life; I have tried to pass it on to everyone. Whether in Nant-y-derwyddon or Thor’s Mountain, I have tried to show that re-enacting the Middle Ages can be as uplifting as it is fun. My first household motto has been with me from the beginning of a little social house: Unitatis spiriti, diversitas mentis—unity of spirit, diversity of minds. We may find different ways to enjoy this organization, but our spirit is unified in upholding the honor of the “Middle Ages, the way they should be.” – Mistress Eleanor of Ashley

  • Baroness of the Court of TRM Boru and Dierdre

•Years in the SCA: 36

•Years in the Barony of Thor’s Mountain: 31

•Laurel of Meridies: 30 years

•Food Theign (preparation and presentation of feasts): 36 years both cooking and mentoring

•Grand Chef of Meridies

•Kingdom Arts Officer: worked with Kingdom Sciences Officer to create current system of categories and subcategories for Kingdom Arts and Sciences fairs

•Designed and created 3 versions of Baronial serving garb

•Designed and helped create Baronial Loaner Garb

•Directed and/or participated in Pasttime with Good Company: 30 years

•Helped organize and run House Ashley, a triumvirate household

•Organized and ran House Ashley Camp at Pennsic Wars: 23 years

•Designed and helped construct Ashley Chapel


My first foray into the SCA was in 1976 as Brother Olehannus (latinized: O’leathainn), a monk in the Celtic Unorthodox Church. I kept this persona until one Silver Hammer, when his Majesty Orlando the First called me up in court, and asked me to explain my behavior (consorting with women!) I had to leave the monastery soon after and continued my study of the arts practical and mechanical- printing, etching and engraving.   I became more active in the Barony of Thor’s Mountain and the wider Kingdom after graduation from UT, one highlight being when our small household musical consort played for the coronation of Orlando the Third and Michaela. I have been serving the Kingdom making music and teaching my arts mechanical since then.
I have also lived in Atlantia, the Barony of Glaedenfeld 1979-1980; and count some 40 years residency in the Barony of Thor’s Mountain. My lovely Lady Eleanor of Ashley and I were married at Silver Hammer, during the reign of Kane and Illisa the Second, and have just celebrated our 30th anniversary.

Service and offices: Deputy Seneschal, Thor’s Mt. Baronial Yeoman- numerous times. Baronial chronicler. As Baronial Artisan, designed & made Order of Ram’s Horn Medallions for over a decade.
Kingdom service: Deputy Kingdom (A&S) Chronicler, through 4 reigns.
Re-established publication of Seasons as a Quarterly, independent Kingdom Arts & Sciences journal: 3 years as Editor, 2 additional years as editor, design & production advisor.

Kingdom Awards and service:
Queen’s Favor, 1986
AOA, 1987; .
Companion of Velvet Owl, 1988;
Bard of Silver Hammer
Companion of the Order of the Laurel, 1990.
Queens Yeoman, Amber II;
Warranted Archery Marshall for over 20 years.
Order of the Broken Bow.
Order of the Split Arrow.
Crown’s Favor, House Ashley.
Baron of Court Their Majesties, Boru V and Diedre III
Meridan Augmentation of Arms, House Ashley.
Baronial Awards: Order of Sable Quill: Sable Griffin. Silver Heart. Baronial Yeoman, 4 x. Ram’s Horn Triskele: Arts, Service & Fighting (Combat Archery.)

Master Oleathainn MacLaomuinn

Baronial Candidates – Baroness Aislinn von Wuestenberg and Lady Serena Amansadora



Greetings unto the Populace of Thor’s Mountain.

     Let me introduce myself and tell you a little about my SCA career up to this point. I am Baroness Aislinn von Wuestenberg. I have been an active member of the SCA since 1993. I have lived in 3 kingdoms including Meridies, Drachenwald and Calontir. I started playing in the SCA back when Louisiana was still part of Meridies. While living at Ft. Polk, I was instrumental in helping get the Incipient Canton of Dragon’s Marsh started. I was the Chronicler for the group as well as co-hosted weekly fighter practices.

From the deep south of Meridies we moved to the Kingdom of Drachenwald. It is there that I was super active in demos and other multinational endeavors with the Barony of Knight’s Crossing and the Barony of Drie Eichen . I received my AOA for my support to the kingdom as well as my award for the Popular Company of Soujourners when leaving Germany.

Off to Calontir…. I was not very active in Calontir. It was very depressing coming from Drachenwald to the Midwest and I kind of lost my fire for things.

Once back home in Meridies my SCA life really took off. I became very active in the scribal community and have to date done over 150+ scrolls for the Barony of Thor’s Mountain and the Kingdom of Meridies combined. I have done several Peerage scrolls, numerous tourney scrolls such as the Meridian Rose Tourney at Gulf Wars and the overall winner for MGT, and countless contest and award scrolls. I have hosted scribal work nights as well as taught scribal classes. I have won 4 kingdom scribal competitions. I have held the Baronial A&S office (2yrs) where I hosted themed A&S competitions to coincide with the theme of each event. I have sponsored categories in kingdom level contests as well. In 2008, I became an apprentice to Mistress Marthe Elsbeth of Thor’s Mountain.

I was not only busy in the scribal community but also during the 3 years I held the Chatelaine’s office in the Barony I hosted Youth Combat Tourneys where scrolls for each participant was supplied and over all prizes per age group. Halloween Bash and Masquerade Ball was also a big project that happened for Silver Hammer to help include newcomers and children. I have cooked Traveler’s Faire, been Head Troll, reservationist, List Mistress for Warlord and Theign’s Tourney, and helped with numerous demos.

I have done many Kingdom level things as well as Baronial. I have been on entourage for DukeThomas and Elisenda, Duke Caspar and Cecelia,  Duke Ailgheanan and Amber, Graf Ulrich and Katerina, Count Mordan and Emelyne, Count  Wulfstan, and Count Bart and Oda. Being on entourage gives you an in-depth knowledge of how the kingdom works and all the behind the scenes jobs that makes the Dream happen for others. In 2011-12 I was the Chancellor for Duke Ailgheanan . A Chancellor is much like a personal assistant. I handled all administrative aspects of his reign. I am very proud of the fact that the Kingdom faired very well during this reign of Duke Ailgheanan. I worked very hard at keeping things moving along as smoothly as humanly possible. At the end of Duke Ailgheanan’s reign I then transferred over to Graf Ulrich and Katerina’s reign. I started out as their Travel Coordinator during their time as Highnesses but got promoted to Chancellor for Graf Ulrich’s reign as King.  

Not only have I been very active working hand in hand with the Crown’s of Meridies but I have also been active in the Equestrian Field as well. I have been an authorized rider in Meridies since 2010 and am working towards getting my Marshalate in the Equestrian Arts. I have also worked shifts at Gulf Wars as part of the Mounted Watch.

I am in several Households. House Oak Hill: Mistress Marthe, House Blackmoore: Duke Thomas and House Gewalthaufen :which has Duke Thomas, Duke Caspar, Graf Ulrich and many more Peers as heads of the household.


AOA 1998

Popular Company of Soujourners 1999

Rams Horn for Service 2007

Daughter of Aduin 2008

Meridan Cross 2008

Rams Horn for A&S 2008

GOA 2010

Souvereign’s Pleasure 2011

Sable Gryphon 2011

Argent Lily 2011

Court Barony 2011

Souvereign’s Pleasure 2012

Order of the Velvet Owl 2013                                  

Bough 2013

Compestella 2013

I hope this gives you a glimpse of the many things that I have done while in the SCA and shows you my diverse skills. I look forward to working with the Crown and this populace to move into a new era of greatness for the Barony of Thor’s Mountain.


In Service to the Dream,

Baroness Aislinn von Wuestenberg

Greetings unto the Populace of Thor’s Mountain,
I am Lady Serena Amansadora, and I have been an active member of the SCA since 2007. I have lived in 3 Kingdoms including Meridies, Trimaris, and the East. The Barony of Thor’s Mountain was my first introduction to the SCA, and although I was gone for a short period for Graduate school and as an Army wife, I have always called this Barony home.
Regarding my authorizations and background in marshal activities, I authorized as a rapier fighter in 2008, and attended weekly practices, demos, and fought in several tournaments. Some tournaments include winning the Iron Ring Tourney in 2009, and participating in the Rose Tourney at Gulf Wars in 2011. In 2009, I was in Trimaris for 6 months during an internship, and enjoyed spending the weekends at local events. I participated in rapier demos, practices, and tournaments with the Barony of Darkwater. I also met many individuals who became close friends and steered me toward new passions, including Equestrian events and archery.
Upon returning to Meridies, I authorized for Equestrian activities, and began working toward my marshallate. I attended Gulf Wars in 2010 and 2011, and split my time between the rapier field and equestrian activities. During this time as an Equestrian Marshal in Training (2010), I also began serving as Equestrian Marshal in Charge of several equestrian events in Meridies, including multiple Fool’s and Castle Wars. I earned
my marshallate in 2010, and began the Thor’s Mountain Cavalry. I have hosted Baronial and Kingdom level practices and events, at a local boarding facility and now at my farm. I attended Gulf Wars again in 2016, and brought my trusty steed, Gemini, along to serve as a mount for the Royal procession. Both of my horses will attend Gulf Wars this year to serve in the same capacity. Last year I was honored to become the Kingdom
Equestrian Officer, and am proud to be serving Meridies in a Kingdom level office. I served as Barn Manager at Meridies 40 Year Celebration, and coordinated lodging for both equestrians and non-equestrians. Gemini and I won the overall Equestrian Tournament, comprised of multiple events worth points toward an overall score.
Gemini was also selected by Mistress Ellawin to participate in the memorial ceremony, where tassels were attached to his barding as the names of those we have lost were recognized. I wish to share my passion for the equestrian arts with others, and will be proposing joint fighter and archery practices at my farm this year.
I also enjoy sharing knowledge with others and have taught several classes, served as Deputy Dean for the Royal University of Meridies’ Omnes Creatures track in 2017, and am currently Dean of the same college. I am preparing a Youth Equestrian Challenge for May Tourney this year which will include “making-a-mount” and a youth sized games course. I have also helped in the kitchen at various events, and was breakfast crat at Silver Hammer in 2015, and feast crat at Holly & Ivy in 2015 as well.
I am in one household, Heronskeep, and am protégé to Mistress Elizabet MacKenzie de Ross.
AOA 2010 Daughter of Aduin 2011 Order of the Argent Lance 2016
I hope this short list of the things I have accomplished while in the SCA gives you a glimpse of what I still plan to achieve. I look forward to working with the Crown and the Barony through this transition and hope to have the opportunity to continue to serve Meridies in a new way.
Yours in Service,
Lady Serena Amansadora

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