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A Missive of Thanks to Thor’s Mountain

A Missive of Thanks to Thor’s Mountain
by Ursula Mortimer

Make merry, friends, and rest you from your labor—
I call you friends, though newly met we be,
For Midrealm is Meridies’ good neighbor.
A moment, I beg, lend your ears to me.

From distant North, my master I did follow
O’er many rivers, through each wooded reach
To Thor’s Mountain, the haunt of hawk and swallow,
Where gladly I would learn, and gladly teach.

What marvels here appeared before my eyes
When first I ventured to these learned hills!
A populace so rich in scholars wise
And gifted artisans of many skills.

From heart warmed by your cordiality,
I thank you for your hospitality.


Thank you to our kind guest, Ursula Mortimer, for permission to post her poem here.

Baronial Candidates – Mistress Eleanor of Ashley and Master Oleathainn MacLaomuinn

I was a long-standing costume designer, preparing to attend a Halloween party with a theme of “Come as your favorite character from a play or movie.” As I had recently been spending a great deal of time researching historical costume, I thought coming as a Shakespearean character would be fun; perhaps Juliet’s mother. So, throwing together an Italian renaissance gown, off I trotted. However, I was accosted in the kitchen of this apartment by a rather drunken monk, who threw himself down on his knees in front of me, grabbed me around the waist, and cried, “I love you, I love you!”

Thus I discovered the SCA.

This combination of whimsy and educational thrill has remained with me all my life; I have tried to pass it on to everyone. Whether in Nant-y-derwyddon or Thor’s Mountain, I have tried to show that re-enacting the Middle Ages can be as uplifting as it is fun. My first household motto has been with me from the beginning of a little social house: Unitatis spiriti, diversitas mentis—unity of spirit, diversity of minds. We may find different ways to enjoy this organization, but our spirit is unified in upholding the honor of the “Middle Ages, the way they should be.” – Mistress Eleanor of Ashley

My first foray into the SCA was in 1976 as Brother Olehannus (latinized: O’leathainn), a monk in the Celtic Unorthodox Church. I kept this persona until one Silver Hammer, when his Majesty Orlando the First called me up in court, and asked me to explain my behavior (consorting with women!) I had to leave the monastery soon after and continued my study of the arts practical and mechanical- printing, etching and engraving.   I became more active in the Barony of Thor’s Mountain and the wider Kingdom after graduation from UT, one highlight being when our small household musical consort played for the coronation of Orlando the Third and Michaela. I have been serving the Kingdom making music and teaching my arts mechanical since then.
I have also lived in Atlantia, the Barony of Glaedenfeld 1979-1980; and count some 40 years residency in the Barony of Thor’s Mountain. My lovely Lady Eleanor of Ashley and I were married at Silver Hammer, during the reign of Kane and Illisa the Second, and have just celebrated our 30th anniversary.

Service and offices: Deputy Seneschal, Thor’s Mt. Baronial Yeoman- numerous times. Baronial chronicler. As Baronial Artisan, designed & made Order of Ram’s Horn Medallions for over a decade.
Kingdom service: Deputy Kingdom (A&S) Chronicler, through 4 reigns.
Re-established publication of Seasons as a Quarterly, independent Kingdom Arts & Sciences journal: 3 years as Editor, 2 additional years as editor, design & production advisor.

Kingdom Awards and service:
Queen’s Favor, 1986
AOA, 1987; .
Companion of Velvet Owl, 1988;
Bard of Silver Hammer
Companion of the Order of the Laurel, 1990.
Queens Yeoman, Amber II;
Warranted Archery Marshall for over 20 years.
Order of the Broken Bow.
Order of the Split Arrow.
Crown’s Favor, House Ashley.
Baron of Court Their Majesties, Boru V and Diedre III
Meridan Augmentation of Arms, House Ashley.
Baronial Awards: Order of Sable Quill: Sable Griffin. Silver Heart. Baronial Yeoman, 4 x. Ram’s Horn Triskele: Arts, Service & Fighting (Combat Archery.)

Master Oleathainn MacLaomuinn

Baronial Candidates – Baroness Aislinn von Wuestenberg and Lady Serena Amansadora



Greetings unto the Populace of Thor’s Mountain.

     Let me introduce myself and tell you a little about my SCA career up to this point. I am Baroness Aislinn von Wuestenberg. I have been an active member of the SCA since 1993. I have lived in 3 kingdoms including Meridies, Drachenwald and Calontir. I started playing in the SCA back when Louisiana was still part of Meridies. While living at Ft. Polk, I was instrumental in helping get the Incipient Canton of Dragon’s Marsh started. I was the Chronicler for the group as well as co-hosted weekly fighter practices.

From the deep south of Meridies we moved to the Kingdom of Drachenwald. It is there that I was super active in demos and other multinational endeavors with the Barony of Knight’s Crossing and the Barony of Drie Eichen . I received my AOA for my support to the kingdom as well as my award for the Popular Company of Soujourners when leaving Germany.

Off to Calontir…. I was not very active in Calontir. It was very depressing coming from Drachenwald to the Midwest and I kind of lost my fire for things.

Once back home in Meridies my SCA life really took off. I became very active in the scribal community and have to date done over 150+ scrolls for the Barony of Thor’s Mountain and the Kingdom of Meridies combined. I have done several Peerage scrolls, numerous tourney scrolls such as the Meridian Rose Tourney at Gulf Wars and the overall winner for MGT, and countless contest and award scrolls. I have hosted scribal work nights as well as taught scribal classes. I have won 4 kingdom scribal competitions. I have held the Baronial A&S office (2yrs) where I hosted themed A&S competitions to coincide with the theme of each event. I have sponsored categories in kingdom level contests as well. In 2008, I became an apprentice to Mistress Marthe Elsbeth of Thor’s Mountain.

I was not only busy in the scribal community but also during the 3 years I held the Chatelaine’s office in the Barony I hosted Youth Combat Tourneys where scrolls for each participant was supplied and over all prizes per age group. Halloween Bash and Masquerade Ball was also a big project that happened for Silver Hammer to help include newcomers and children. I have cooked Traveler’s Faire, been Head Troll, reservationist, List Mistress for Warlord and Theign’s Tourney, and helped with numerous demos.

I have done many Kingdom level things as well as Baronial. I have been on entourage for DukeThomas and Elisenda, Duke Caspar and Cecelia,  Duke Ailgheanan and Amber, Graf Ulrich and Katerina, Count Mordan and Emelyne, Count  Wulfstan, and Count Bart and Oda. Being on entourage gives you an in-depth knowledge of how the kingdom works and all the behind the scenes jobs that makes the Dream happen for others. In 2011-12 I was the Chancellor for Duke Ailgheanan . A Chancellor is much like a personal assistant. I handled all administrative aspects of his reign. I am very proud of the fact that the Kingdom faired very well during this reign of Duke Ailgheanan. I worked very hard at keeping things moving along as smoothly as humanly possible. At the end of Duke Ailgheanan’s reign I then transferred over to Graf Ulrich and Katerina’s reign. I started out as their Travel Coordinator during their time as Highnesses but got promoted to Chancellor for Graf Ulrich’s reign as King.  

Not only have I been very active working hand in hand with the Crown’s of Meridies but I have also been active in the Equestrian Field as well. I have been an authorized rider in Meridies since 2010 and am working towards getting my Marshalate in the Equestrian Arts. I have also worked shifts at Gulf Wars as part of the Mounted Watch.

I am in several Households. House Oak Hill: Mistress Marthe, House Blackmoore: Duke Thomas and House Gewalthaufen :which has Duke Thomas, Duke Caspar, Graf Ulrich and many more Peers as heads of the household.


AOA 1998

Popular Company of Soujourners 1999

Rams Horn for Service 2007

Daughter of Aduin 2008

Meridan Cross 2008

Rams Horn for A&S 2008

GOA 2010

Souvereign’s Pleasure 2011

Sable Gryphon 2011

Argent Lily 2011

Court Barony 2011

Souvereign’s Pleasure 2012

Order of the Velvet Owl 2013                                  

Bough 2013

Compestella 2013

I hope this gives you a glimpse of the many things that I have done while in the SCA and shows you my diverse skills. I look forward to working with the Crown and this populace to move into a new era of greatness for the Barony of Thor’s Mountain.


In Service to the Dream,

Baroness Aislinn von Wuestenberg

Greetings unto the Populace of Thor’s Mountain,
I am Lady Serena Amansadora, and I have been an active member of the SCA since 2007. I have lived in 3 Kingdoms including Meridies, Trimaris, and the East. The Barony of Thor’s Mountain was my first introduction to the SCA, and although I was gone for a short period for Graduate school and as an Army wife, I have always called this Barony home.
Regarding my authorizations and background in marshal activities, I authorized as a rapier fighter in 2008, and attended weekly practices, demos, and fought in several tournaments. Some tournaments include winning the Iron Ring Tourney in 2009, and participating in the Rose Tourney at Gulf Wars in 2011. In 2009, I was in Trimaris for 6 months during an internship, and enjoyed spending the weekends at local events. I participated in rapier demos, practices, and tournaments with the Barony of Darkwater. I also met many individuals who became close friends and steered me toward new passions, including Equestrian events and archery.
Upon returning to Meridies, I authorized for Equestrian activities, and began working toward my marshallate. I attended Gulf Wars in 2010 and 2011, and split my time between the rapier field and equestrian activities. During this time as an Equestrian Marshal in Training (2010), I also began serving as Equestrian Marshal in Charge of several equestrian events in Meridies, including multiple Fool’s and Castle Wars. I earned
my marshallate in 2010, and began the Thor’s Mountain Cavalry. I have hosted Baronial and Kingdom level practices and events, at a local boarding facility and now at my farm. I attended Gulf Wars again in 2016, and brought my trusty steed, Gemini, along to serve as a mount for the Royal procession. Both of my horses will attend Gulf Wars this year to serve in the same capacity. Last year I was honored to become the Kingdom
Equestrian Officer, and am proud to be serving Meridies in a Kingdom level office. I served as Barn Manager at Meridies 40 Year Celebration, and coordinated lodging for both equestrians and non-equestrians. Gemini and I won the overall Equestrian Tournament, comprised of multiple events worth points toward an overall score.
Gemini was also selected by Mistress Ellawin to participate in the memorial ceremony, where tassels were attached to his barding as the names of those we have lost were recognized. I wish to share my passion for the equestrian arts with others, and will be proposing joint fighter and archery practices at my farm this year.
I also enjoy sharing knowledge with others and have taught several classes, served as Deputy Dean for the Royal University of Meridies’ Omnes Creatures track in 2017, and am currently Dean of the same college. I am preparing a Youth Equestrian Challenge for May Tourney this year which will include “making-a-mount” and a youth sized games course. I have also helped in the kitchen at various events, and was breakfast crat at Silver Hammer in 2015, and feast crat at Holly & Ivy in 2015 as well.
I am in one household, Heronskeep, and am protégé to Mistress Elizabet MacKenzie de Ross.
AOA 2010 Daughter of Aduin 2011 Order of the Argent Lance 2016
I hope this short list of the things I have accomplished while in the SCA gives you a glimpse of what I still plan to achieve. I look forward to working with the Crown and the Barony through this transition and hope to have the opportunity to continue to serve Meridies in a new way.
Yours in Service,
Lady Serena Amansadora

Baronial Candidates – Mistress Catherine Elisabeth Stewart and Master William McNaughton, CL

Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor

Master William came to the SCA in 1984 in the same way as many before and since: a flyer hanging in the local gaming store caught his eye. He attended the Tournament of the Silver Chalice that year in what was then the Shire of Hidden Mountain in the Kingdom of Atlantia. Like many folk it took him several years to find his way. Cursed with a curious mind and a wide variety of interest, Master William has spent much of his free time watching old training films about crafts and skills he will never practice.
The wind and a college transfer blew him to Thor’s Mountain in the winter of 1986, when he came to study at the University of Tennessee. Once day, passing through Tyson Park, he heard the unmistakable thump of rattan on leather, pulled over, and called out, “What Kingdom am I in?”

“Meridies!” was the answer, and here he has remained.
He came to the SCA with a solid understanding of the trade of the framing carpenter, which may explain why all of his woodworking projects try to turn into houses. He was also trained from boyhood as an archer, a skill later polished in the SCA. It was during that polishing that a hand fell upon his shoulder and he looked up into the face of his King.
“You ARE going to come to ‘St. Crispin’s Day’ and fight for me in the Archery Corps, aren’t you?”
“Oh, I’m not an authorized combat archer, your Majesty.”

“You show up with armor and ready to shoot, and we’ll fix that.”
And one (really long) ride to Memphis and Grey Niche later, it was so. Many tales are told of that day, including “When We Slew the Feast Hall,” “The Time I Shot the King, Out of Bounds and During a Hold,” and “Hey, My Visor Is Up.”

Things improved, and since then, he has served the Barony as a Combat Archery Authorization Marshal, Combat Archery Marshal In Charge. He has also served the Kingdom as Captain of Archers under General Geoffery MacDhomhuill.
While all of this was going on, he also began to follow the path of Athena, and to study the Arts. Along the way, Master William has move from the rough and tumble of framing carpentry into joinery and the construction of medieval furniture. In service to the Barony, he has crafted a number of useful items, including the box for the Baronial Seal, the Largesse Chest, poles for the Baronial Pavilion, and was responsible for the refit of the current Baronial Throne. He has also constructed several tourney prizes. In service to the Kingdom, he has built several largesse boxes as well as the Royal Footstools and the center-pole of the Kingdom Pavilion.
Master William has always enjoyed teaching classes, and has taught classes on history, woodworking, blacksmithing, storytelling, knot-tying, cooking, and heraldry. He’s taught on the international stage at Pennsic and Gulf Wars, and locally. (His periodic class on Heraldic Beast Positioning is always full: “Master William Makes Funny Faces.”)

In service to the Barony, Master William has served as Deputy Knight Marshal (one year), Head Cook (four times), Hall Steward (a lot), and hauled the trailer umpty-jillion miles. He served as Deputy Chronicler under five different Chroniclers and produced a bunch of “Whetstones.” Some of his favorite times were as Hammer, serving as Court Herald for the Baroness.
His companion for the last twenty-seven years is Mistress Catherine Stewart, Kelly McNutt without whom none of the above would have been nearly as fun.

Mistress Catherine started in the SCA in 1987 when her then boyfriend persuaded her to come to an event with him. That was Silver Hammer and she was hooked. The pageantry, fighting and camaraderie were like nothing she had ever seen before. She was active as mainly a fringe member until around 1993 when life intervened and nursing school happened. Until she graduated and started her nursing career in 1996, she was largely inactive.
In 1997 she became more active in the Barony and was autocrat at Silver Hammer 1998. In the years since then she has Autocrat or Head Cook for multiple events. She also served as Seneschal from November 2003 to December 2007. She was also the Chirurgeon from July of 1999 to 2015 when the office was dissolved by the Board of Directors, and continues to serve in that capacity unofficially.
She has been authorized as a heavy fighter since 2000 and was the first female fighter to serve as the Warlord of Thor’s Mountain (2001). She’s fought in multiple tournaments and melees, including those at Gulf Wars, War of the Lilies and the Pennsic War. Though she has not been active on the heavy field in several years, she intends to start again and become authorized in combat archery.
In the Arts, she enjoys dabbling in embroidery and knitting but her real passion is the study of Ancient Rome especially cooking. She has done several Pennsic feasts for House Wild Rose as well as a number of Roman feasts for the Barony. Perhaps the most challenging of those was fresh, hot, period Roman food for 300 for the Knowne Worlde Party at Gulf Wars.
Mundanely, she is Kelly R. McNutt, RN, CEN, TCRN. She works at the University of Tennessee Medical Center in the Trauma Services Department as the Performance Improvement Coordinator. Previously, she was an Emergency Room Nurse for 12 years. She has been married to Bill McNutt (William McNaughton) for 27 years. She lives in South Knoxville in a house that’s been in her family for 3 generations. She and William are the support staff and entourage of a very cranky calico named Patches.

Mistress Catherine Elisabeth Stewart
Offices Held:
Seneschale, Barony of Thor’s Mountain – November, 2003 to December, 2007
Chiurgeon, Barony of Thor’s Mountain – July, 1999 to 2015 (office eliminated per Corpora)
Co-Autocrat, Silver Hammer XXV – October 1998
Autocrat, Black Gryphon Collegium – February 2003
Co-Kitchener, May Tourney – May 2005
Set up and Take Down Crew – House Wild Rose Camp – Pennsic XXV to present
War Staff – Gulf Wars XIII & XIV
A&S Judge – Kingdom A&S (Judged the Miscellaneous category with Mistress Lizbeth)
Magna Faire 2006 – judged Historical Technology
Mid-Winter A&S 2007 – shadow judged costuming on the body
Troll, Silver Hammer XXXIV – October 2007
Autocrat, Black Gryphon Collegium – February 2008
Head Troll, May Tourney – May 2011
Co-Autocrat, Black Gryphon Collegium – February 2014
Co-Kitchener, Silver Hammer – October 2014
Kitchener, Gulf Wars XIV Known World Party – March 2015
Head Troll, Black Gryphon Collegium – February 2016
Co-Autocrat, Silver Hammer – October 2016

Artistic Endevours:
Heraldic Embroidery
Period Knitting
Roman History with emphasis on cooking and cuisine

The Montani production of “The Wonder Show” by Cervantes at Black Gryphon Collegium, 2007
Entry in Kingdom A&S 2013– The Sausage Project with Mistress Rosemounde of Mercia and Lady Amya VonDornberg, scored 19.5 out of 20, awarded Stellar Recognition and the sponsored culinary prize by Mistresses Dametta and Gwynefyr
Entry in Stella Nova 2015 – Solo entry, Lunch at the Taberna. Scored 16 Out of 20.
Entry in the Bard of Silver Hammer – Sparks, an original recitation by Catherine Stewart, won Bard of Silver Hammer

Awards Received:
Kingdom Awards
Award of Arms – 10/26/1996
Grant of Arms – 3/16/2007
Order of the Broken Brank – 5/26/2007
Order of the Sable Gryphon – 5/26/2007
Bough of Meridies – 5/3/2008
Meridian Cross – 3/2015
Order of the Velvet Owl – 3/17/2016
Order of the Pelican – 9/10/2016
Baronial Awards
Order of the Argent Plume
Daughter of Aduin – 1999
Ram’s Horn for Fighting
Ram’s Horn for Service
Ram’s Horn for the Arts & Sciences


Baronial Candidates – THLs Osric se breowere and Muirenn ingen Ui Dunchada




It is our hope that you have gotten to know us already in our SCA life, but if we have not, please allow us to do so now.

We formally joined the SCA in 2011, but Osric’s history goes back to the 1980s when he went to Pennsic War with his older brother and sister. After that, the SCA wasn’t part of our life until Muirenn’s sister, now known as Etain in the Shire of Nant-y-Derwyddon, was looking for a social activity that fit her interests. Based on his previous experience, Osric suggested the SCA, and before we knew it, Etain was traveling to Gulf Wars and having a wonderful time. And she never missed an opportunity to encourage us to join.

She asked us to come to a Shire event for her birthday in 2011. There, she put a bow in Muirenn’s hands, Osric was intrigued by armored combat, and the rest is history! We were in love with the Society, and it wasn’t long until our next event.

We joined the Barony of Thor’s Mountain and jumped in with both feet, finding volunteer opportunities, making friends and attending local activities. Osric found his niche in beer brewing and armored combat. Muirenn’s love of archery never wavered, but she also branched out into performing arts. We both love leading local demos to help share our love of the Middle Ages and of the Society with others.

We have so enjoyed getting to know the Society and finding family here. Our son, Daniel (Nigel the Wolf in the Society) is nine years old and doesn’t remember life without the SCA. He has made so many friends and has a wonderful time with us.

In modern life, Zac is a part-time student and a 3-D modeling technician at a local engineering firm. Shannon is a professional journalist with her own freelance writing business. Muirenn’s persona is 9th century Hiberno-Norse, and Osric’s persona is 10th century Anglo-Saxon.

Here are our SCA resumes:


Osric se breowere



  • Award of Arms
  • Ram’s Horns for Service, Arts, and Fighting
  • Meridian Cross
  • Sable Gryphon
  • Silver Heart
  • Order of the Argent Shield
  • Grant of Arms



  • Armored Combat
  • Rapier Combat
  • Equestrian Ground Crew


Thor’s Mountain Offices

  • Consul (Demo Coordinator) 2012 to present
  • Knight Marshal 2016 to present
  • Deputy Chatelaine 2012-2015



  • Brewing
  • Leatherworking
  • Calligraphy
  • Woodworking
  • Armoring
  • Cooking



  • Coordinated all major demos since 2012, growing participation and interest
  • Coordinated fundraiser lunch for Meridian Grand Tournament 2016
  • Laurel’s Choice for Grand Tourney 2016
  • Co-Autocrat for Silver Hammer 2015 and 2017
  • Co-Feast steward for Black Gryphon 2013



  • Apprenticed to Mistress Rosemounde of Mercia
  • Squired to Sir Iastreb Desislavich


Muirenn ingen Ui Dunchada



  • Award of Arms
  • Ram’s Horns for Service, the Arts, and Fighting
  • Order of the Broken Bow
  • Sovereign’s Pleasure
  • Weapons Master
  • Argent Plume
  • Sable Gryphon
  • Daughter of Aduin
  • Order of the Split Arrow
  • Baronial Yeoman
  • Grant of Arms



  • Live Weapons Marshal
  • Armored Combat
  • Combat Archery
  • Equestrian Ground Crew


Thor’s Mountain Offices

  • Social Media Minister, 2013-present
  • Chronicler, 2013-2014
  • Exchequer, 2014-present



  • Performing Arts, including music and plays
  • Active participant in Pastime with Good Company music group
  • Fiber arts, lampwork beads and more



  • Co-autocrat for Black Gryphon 2015 and 2016
  • Lead autocrat for May Faire 2017
  • Co-feast-steward Holly and Ivy 2013
  • Coordinated fundraiser lunch for Kingdom A&S/Crown List 2013, raising $500 for Kingdom of Meridies
  • Began regular archery practices in Barony of Thor’s Mountain which persist today
  • Participation in most Thor’s Mountain demos since 2012
  • Continuing to grow social media presence and quality of content
  • Moderation of Facebook discussion group
  • Media Liaison volunteer at Gulf Wars 2014
  • Numerous volunteer/staff positions at Thor’s Mountain events, including archery marshal, head troll, privy chatelaine, breakfaster, site clean-up, hall steward and more.

Candidate Forum Videos

Haven’t had a chance to review the videos from the candidate forum earlier this week? Here they are for your viewing pleasure:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

November 2017 Business Meeting Notes

Baroness announced winner of scone competition.

Exchequer – Budget report is given. Event fund is over $1715 to the good. Hochwald has made 153.35. There were 163 people at Silver hammer. Food costs came under cost. Our feastcrats for Silver Hammer made feast for less than $500. There is currently $22009.93 at the end of October in the bank. After checks that are still out, we will have $21234.18.

When reservation was made for Silver Hammer 2019, we checked on the 4th weekend as well as the 3rd weekend for 2018 and 2019. It is refundable. We need to decide which event we want to conflict with (War of the Wings or Gatalop).

Senechal – Vote of confidence for the baroness will take place at the December business meeting. The current head of the Saltare Guild is asking if we want to host Saltare this year. It’s usually held in late June. It’s a kingdom level event.

Consul -No demo info at this time.

Chatelaine – If you are bringing anyone to Holly and Ivy and they need garb, please let Janie know.

Marshall – Practices are happening. New people are showing up. Moving to tennis courts for Wednesday night practice.

Archery – Turnout at Silver Hammer was amazing.

Equestrian – Castle Wars will have equestrian. If you are interested in helping, contact Serena.

Dance Mistress/ A + S – Would love to host Saltare. We will discuss further at Curia in January. Starting this month there will be A & S nights monthly on Tuesday. After the new year, there will be weekly Tuesday A & S night. This month’s topic will be brewing and will be on the 21st. Period hand sewing class this weekend on Saturday at Mistress Roz’s from 1 – 5.

Heraldry – Silver Hammer went great. Bryan helped herald. The banner got put out for the first time at Silver Hammer. Next project is re-doing the populace badge.

Chronicler – 3 new posts will go up as soon as pictures can get uploaded to Whetstone.

MOC – 13 children attended children’s activities at Silver Hammer. Eilionora will not be running any children’s activities until further notice.

Student group – Need to hold things closer to campus to attract students and maintaining their interest. MARCO is heavily involved with the Bearden High School demo and would be a prime area for us to draw people from. Will discuss student engagement further at Curia.
Media – If you create an event for the barony, Muirenne, Gellis, and Emilee all need to be made administrators. We just need to make sure that everything we put out is held to the same standards of communication. Do remember that people in the

Webmistress – Court report from Silver Hammer hasn’t been added to the rolls on the website, but will be at the end of the month. Let Emilee know if you don’t see an award you won posted by the December.

Holly and Ivy – Liz won’t be able to attend, so the RUM cram day classes need to be planned in advance. There is a going to be a new world feast. We usually have a potluck lunch with that. Muirenne will make posts. Carol will organize that. Everyone stay and help clean up if you can.

Black Gryphon – Planning is going well. Still needs breakfast crats. Rose volunteered for Saturday. We also need a volunteer for traveler’s faire. Potluck Lunch. Camp Cornucopia volunteered to possibly do traveler’s faire. Muirenne is gathering classes. There are only six class spots remaining.

January will have Curia and 40th year. There have been requests for us to help with the Meridian History project at 40th. Curia is scheduled for January 6th. The 12th is 40 year.

Canton – Thank you to everyone who came out to demo before Silver Hammer.

Calendar: Look Here.

Curia Minutes

Curia – 6 Jan 2018

[written on the white boards]

2018 Budget starting number $20,800
General Fund
Event Fund 3,000
Reserve Fund 3,000
Trailer Fund 8,000
Hochwald 453.35

Ending Finances YoY
Ledger View
2017 $21,221.58 (21,965.58 due to dual site reserves.)
2016 $22,191.19
2015 $21,760.99 (13,500 donation)
2014 $7570.46

Site Reserves

BRSP: MT 2 018 May 11-13 ($327)
MT 2018 May 10-12 ($420)
SH 2018 (3rd wk in Oct) ($302)
SH 2019 ( 3rd wk Oct) $445)
SH 2018 (4th wk Oct) ($445)
SH 2019 (4th wk Oct) ($220)

FCFSP: BG 2018 ($200)
BG 2019 ($100)
BG 2020 ($350)

Site Fee Changes
FCF: 2019 up to $700 + $6 (was $400 for weekend, plus $6 per head over 40
BRSP: 2019 up to $420 + $25/day Grist Mill

Event Profit YoY
2017 2016 2015
SH 1487.58 1194.47 1193.00
MT (85.12) 26.89 304.41
BG 362.54 609.79 —–

Event Attendance YoY
2017 2016 2015
SH 163 155 139
MT 86 89 105
BG 100 100 —-

Baroness: we are here to determine the course of the barony for the next year.. the person elected will play a major role in the barony so consider your vote carefully.

Goldmund will handle the nominations. Roz is here as observer for the Kingdom Seneschal. [You’re going to have to focus.] Goldmind reads the policy. Any member can nominate any eligible person.

Nick: nominates Larry Hood and Karla Hood. (As a couple)
Liz: nominates Zac and Shannon (Osric and Muirenn)
Bianca: nominates Shellie Harris and Lacy Johnston (as a couple)
Wolfgang: Master William and Mistress Catherine (couple)
Seamus: Baron Bryan

Motion that nominations cease: Guilliame 2nd David passes by acclaim

Thank you for your support. We will send these to a kingdom seneschal. The polling will come from the kingdom. Next biz meet the candidates are invited to sit up front to answer questions. Kingdom seneschal has been notified. Send list of candidates to seneschal, send to Crown and will check for membership status and get addresses. Mailing will go out, votes come in, get counted, vote returned to the committee for announcement.
May Tourney for investiture, pending approval by Their Highnesses

The token non-FB reader feels oppressed. Some of our policy has been overcome by kingdom law. It’s oppression but it’s fair and across the board oppression.

[You’re playing to a tough crowd. And I have to keep it clean. ]

Make sure your membership is up to date and address at Society level is correct.

Update of Baronial Policy. Committee: Vicar is still Goldmund (voted by acclaim). Chair: Goldmund [way too many cats in one pillow case.] Roz (non-voting advisor), Kahlil, Liz, Bianca, Andrew (Caelen), Carol. Two in charge of the cat bag. Kingdom Seneschal has asked Roz to be legal advisor. This committee is to make our policy compliant with the Kingdom and in line with the will of the barony. You can give input; the committee cannot impose their will on the barony. Only what the barony wants will be considered. Input is ALWAYS welcome. Final decisions are made by consensus of the group.

By changing the rules, is the term limit part of that? Will the committee decide on term limits? Currently not included, but it can be considered. Kingdom has the vote of confidence clause, could be a firm term limit. Zac: suggests the committee address that. Straw poll is for term limits to be considered. Can be either way. Term limits does not mean you can’t serve again. Will: with required vote of confidence, barony can choose to change administration at any time. Roz: can look at someone succeeding themselves. [This is what happens when a libertarian comes into office.] Liz: you can step down at any time; you don’t have to serve forever.
Shannon: moves to send recommendations to the committee on term limits. Caelen seconds. Passes by acclaim.

Candidate forum will be at the February biz meet. Feb. 6. 7:00 pm, upstairs in this building. All candidates please give Gellis names (real and society), member numbers.

10:00 Break

Shannon introduces herself as Reeve. Lady Nest is deputy. [She’s a good egg’]

Approving our financial policy: The Gregory Initiative. Bill moves, Martha seconds to continue with the present policy. Passes by acclaim.

Trailer is stored at [ ] 32.70/month 198.60 for the year. Bill moves, Ronan 2nd to pay them for the year. [double check numbers] Better security than where we were. More accessible.

Profit/Loss: Kingdom counts site reserves as assets, Murienn counts them as expenses. [It’s a festival of dollars, not the good kind.]

In 2018, expenses are trailer storage and site fee for BG 2020.


Event profit and attendance Year to Year (see above). We reserve as soon as we can so we can actually get the sites. BRSP two years to the day; FCFSP two years at the beginning of the year. This is just a deposit; if we change sites, we can get a refund.

Silver Hammer was originally the 4th weekend, we moved it to the 3rd weekend because of Gatalop. Conflict with War of the Wings or Gatalop. Discussion of which weekend would be best. We would like to go do something with Hawkwood (Atlantia), but if we conflict with WoW, that will probably not happen. [we have to reserve the Grist Mill separately to use the field at all.] Possible security issue on the field if we put stuff up on Friday night. If SH is on Halloween, need to allow the kids to trick or treat. Weather is always an issue.

Liz moves that we move SH to 4th weekend until such time as we need to consider the next reservation. Zac 2nds. Passes by acclaim.

Site fees in 2019 are going up. See above We will probably have to increase our budgets or not buy as much stuff. Watch your budgets, Reeve will discuss this with you. Suggestion: possible move from FCFSP. FCFSP needs renovation. Reeve has made some inquiries. Camp Buck Tom’s and Camp [Episcopal camp?] , no reply.

Anyone find a decent site, let us know. Booker T. Washington SP as a possibility. May be winterized. They are considering further winterizing. Possibility of the Kingdom site list. Committee to explore sites. All SP are going up. Consider doing BG elsewhere than FCFSP, maybe closer to TM. Committee to look at two sites. Look more centrally, toward Chattanooga (closer to the rest of the kingdom)

Re: raising prices: budget done by autocrat, approved by Reeve and Seneschal.
Sam’s Club and Costco memberships. Have seen limited used. Renewal in April or May; recommend letting the Sam’s Club go, keeping Costco. Sam’s: $45, Costco: $65. Make an effort to buy tax free. Yes, it’s worth the money, to be able to be tax exempt.

Martha moves to let go of Sam’s Club, pay for Costco, 2nded. Passes by majority, 1 nay.

Into Budgeting

See above for standing funds. Event, reserve funds approved as $3,000 each. Trailer fund: Ronan moves to raise the Trailer fund to $10,000; 2nd by Guilliame. Discussion: Where did $8,000 come from – past Curia discussion. Is this just in case of an accident? No, this is more a replacement fund. The trailer is FULL, very heavy. How much is the contents of the trailer worth? Who knows. Travis: 7×14 trailer for new.

Larry H: do we need to consider a secondary trailer? We will probably need to add another throne/chair of state. Another smaller trailer, single axle $1200-1500. Dividing the load between two trailers would be better;

Ronan moves to add to the trailer fund, increase it by $500 per year for the next four years [to a total of $10,000]. 2nd Zac. Discussion: getting a second trailer may cause the Kingdom to Notice us. The whole insurance vs. a trailer fund. [for this year the trailer fund will be $8500.] Motion passes by acclaim.

Getting another trailer: move to next Curia. Gellis will contact kingdom about the ramifications of another trailer.

Hochwald: $453.35 Jayne moves to round up to $500. Wayland 2nds. Passes by majority.

Chateline: not too many requests. Has all the Gold Key back. Has stencils to make the favors. Jayne will get them cut and serged. We will not ‘be that guy’ and be nice to our newcomers. Wants to get more fabric and trim. [Drix wants $900 for trim]. For more Gold Key garb. Jayne wants $400, for garb, bags for feast gear. Motion from Jodi , lots of seconds, passes by acclaim for Gold Key. Needs $200 for Chatleine, motion by Aoife, second by Bianca. Passes. Castellana, Adalena, Etheria are her ‘deputies’.

Consul: good year, good demos. Bearden High School demo Feb. 24. Starts at 10:00 get there by 9:30. Done by 2:00, indoors.

Marshall: Equestrian, Archery, Heavy, Rapier combined request. $500 for the year to cover all these needs. Last year, asked for $700, used $67. Guilliame asked for ten ground quivers with bow stands. Caelen: people should be responsible for getting their own ground quivers. Miklos: appreciates the idea, but need light, cheap ones. Hauling is a problem. Loaner gear: just get them started, then they should go get their own equipment. Would be great for children’s shoots. Solveig will get ten and store them and bring them to events. Motion and second by {?}: to give $500 to Marshalls, passes by acclaim.

A&S, Dance: $100 from last year. Some for printing, needs a chest to hold voting stuff. First Tuesday will be scrollery at Liz & Richard’s. Second Tuesday will be at Rose & Titus’s. 23 Jan will be belt tokens and Gold Key items. 30 Jan – blacksmithing 101 by Bryan Baker. If you have done an A&S stuff, put it on the A&S form on the Baronial Page. William could teach SCA Fighting for Non-Fighters. Let April know of any classes you may want to teach. Bianca moves to give $100 to A&S, Jayne seconds. Passes by acclaim.

Liz: Provost: recorder of classes for RUM. Actually under the A&S office. Castellana and Rachel are her deputies. What would you like to take or teach towards a RUM degree? No budget request.

Break 11:45

[Appalachian Middle Ages]..

Herald: $350 for last year. Digitizing documents and standard are done. Would like $100 for misc. heraldic upping of our events. Will come to biz meet with fully formed idea. Need a new hammer for the Archery Hammer. Should it come out of herald’s budget? No, it’s a separate line item. Martha moves to give $100 to Herald, Seamus 2nd. Got submissions, been a good year. Motion passes

40th Year: group to bring banner, bring as many banners as possible.

Chronicler: ;no budget request

Historian, Librarian: Seamus as deputy, needs help to clean up the library and the history. No money requested.

MoChildren: $100 for expenses, consumables. If it’s something to be used at a particular event, it should come out of that event budget. Martha moves to put $50 on budget for MoC, seconded. Passes by acclaim.

Quartermaster: $575 for last year, $355.92 spent on crafting project. ¼ master asks for $300 for incidentals. Ronan moves, Zac 2nd. Changed to $200. Passes by acclaim.

Media: no report

UT Student Group: Rose is President. 19 Jan. Student Engagement Fair. Budget request for easel and trifold backing. $25 request Trifold will come from Lacey. Tristram moves, lacey 2nds. Passes by acclaim. Lady Serena will be in charge of the 19 Jan. demo.

Webminister: Request to link the A&S form on our web site.

Regalia/Chair of State: two coronets, one chair. Roz asks for $2000 for regalia, with possible augmentation. William moves that the present coronet stay with Mistress Godelind, by acclaim. Roz moves to have $2000 for regalia, Martha amends to a max. $3000, 2nded. More discussion. We could get the chairs next year. Motion passes by acclaim.

Gulf Wars Great Weapons Tourney: Tristram: Monday 11am-3pm Can the barony help sponsor, prizes? 1st: $150 at Windrose Armory; 2nd $50 at some other armory Motion by Marthe Elsbeth to sponsor the tourney up to $200; Aoife seconds. Discussion: maybe just a scroll. [Maybe Liz?] Ronan moves to put $200 towards a prize to be used as Tristram sees fit, second by Wolfgang. Passes by acclaim.

Scrolls: $30 rolled into A&S.

Office of the Reeve: General Fund is $1,025. Last year we had $5000, spent around $3,000.

Break 12:30

Medieval Faire in Harriman: we helped with soft open. They were requesting people for 5 weekends in April and May, every weekend. We would be doing this for free and fun. Not willing to be free labor. Can’t ask to turn your passion into someone else’s money. Things have changed; this seems like a better situation now. Three weekends are May 19-20, Memorial day weekend, 1st weekend in June – for the medieval faire. Possibility of using their site. Still no onsite bathrooms or showers, much more electricity. Have some stable facility, place for horses. Willing to compensate the barony for participation, depending on the service provided. Theme this year is Robin Hood, with archery range. Possible thrown weapons. Looking for a Robin Hood, actor would be paid. This time, we would be going in with a known quality, either donation to a barony or put towards an event at the site. Get it in writing!

Everything is negotiable. They are running the business better than in the past. We would be scheduled, added to their printed schedule. Do we need to do this for the money? Risk involved with dealing in the archery range? Close range, bunny range? Do they have appropriate insurance? The Faire will provide fiberglass bows and arrows. All the details can be worked out with Barry and Lars. Apprehension because of what happened last time. We would need to fulfill whatever contract we sign. Much discussion of what our commitments would be.

Maybe use the site for Baroness Fete in April, to check it out. [So far we don’t have a history of stupidity.] We have the right to refuse to let someone do something for safety issues. Could we invite the owners to the next biz meet? Nick suggests putting together a group on FB. Shannon asked to investigate having Baroness Fete there, and she will see if the owners can come to the next Biz Meet.

Black Gryphon; ‘little lamb pancakes of joy and happiness. ‘ at feast
Cornucopia doing Traveler’s Fare need a Cat Herder for that.
Fund raiser for regalia? Traditional potluck for lunch on Saturday.

Maybe do a GoFundMe for regalia.

May Tourney (2018) have no staff yet second weekend in May
Bianca will autocrat; Jodi co-autocrat

Silver Hammer: last weekend of Oct.

Black Gryphon 2019 [ Miklos and Emmie as autocrat] Bryan is feastcrat.

Are we going to do Saltare? For 2018. No set date. Suggestion: bid Saltare in December, combined with H&I. Solveig, Rose and Liz will bid on this. Rose Center in Morristown suggested as possible site.

Calendar: see web page

Announcement about Catelin the Wanderer. More info to follow.

Meeting adjourned 1:35pm


February Business Meeting Minutes

Reeve’s Report: We currently have $19,698.22 in the account. We have one expense check outstanding, for $28.46, bringing the ledger total to $19,699.76.

MOC Report:
To summarize the detailed report I sent THLady Gellis:

There are changes that will be made for the MOC position in 2018 that the MOC wishes to discuss at the March baronial business meeting. This discussion can be postponed to March since the MOC is not hosting classes at Black Gryphon.

Lady Eilionora inghean Einri is collecting items for youth largess to be given to the crown at May Faire. These items do not need to be period, but would prefer for them to be homemade. If you want ideas, please email Lady Eilionora.

The Canton of Hochwald is hosting a demo at the Small Business Expo. March 24, 9 am – 1 pm @ Maynardville Public Library. Fighters and artisans requested. We’ve also been given a large piece of land to set up, so if someone wanted to bring a period tent, please let Lord Ragnarr know. This is not a necessity, but will give the public a visual of what the Canton is earning money towards purchasing.

Black Gryphon: There was a small hiccup with the site. Only one bathroom in the bunkhouse available for the event. However, it will have been renovated by the time we arrive.

Klara needs help with feast prep on Sunday at her house.

See Calendar here:

Everyone else has no report so we can prep for the candidate forum.

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